OverDrive to make the Libby app the primary digital service

OverDrive has announced that they will be winding down their OverDrive app and transitioning to the Libby app as their primary digital library service, but what does that mean? We know you probably have a lot of questions. We will do our best to answer them and give you resources to explore more as well. All of the answers given below come from OverDrive’s FAQs Resource Center. 

What is happening on February 23?

On February 23, OverDrive plans to remove the OverDrive app from the Apple App Store, Google Play, and Microsoft Store. 

What is the difference between OverDrive and Libby? 

OverDrive is the name of the company that offers multiple service options for you to enjoy our library’s digital collection. The services that OverDrive offers include: the Libby mobile app, the OverDrive app, the Libby web browser experience at libbyapp.com, the OverDrive website. So, while OverDrive is the name of the overall company, the Libby app is a service within the company. 

Why is OverDrive winding down the OverDrive app?

OverDrive expressed,

“We believe that Libby is the best reading experience for all users. With valuable partner and user feedback, we’re constantly enhancing the app and adding new features to engage your readers.”

Will I still be able to use the OverDrive app after February 23rd? 

Yes. During the first phase, OverDrive app users will still be able to browse and borrow titles from the library through the app. 

Will all OverDrive app users be required to switch to Libby? 

Yes, eventually. Their goal is to have most OverDrive app users migrated to Libby by the end of 2022. 

What features are available in Libby that are not available in the OverDrive app? 

  • Easy onboarding for new users
  • A unified bookshelf for all loans and holds
  • Support for multiple library cards
  • Direct user support from OverDrive
  • A best-in-class ebook reader that supports comics, magazines, and read-alongs
  • Push notifications for ready holds, new magazine issues, and more
  • Same look and feel on both Android and iOS devices
  • Ability to export notes and highlights
  • Tags to track favorite reads, wish lists, and more
  • Compatibility with Apple CarPlay (Note: Android Auto is supported in both apps.)
  • Sonos speaker integration
  • Support for “Extras,” including streaming video services, educational courses, and more

Can users still use our library’s OverDrive website? 

Yes. Users can still browse and borrow titles from the library’s OverDrive website.

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