Student/Faculty School Cards

Did you know — all students and full-time faculty/administrative staff in Huntington County Community School Corporation, as well as local colleges and universities, qualify for free library cards with us? It’s true!

Who qualifies

  • Students grades K-12 in HCCSC, Huntington University and Ivy Tech
  • Teachers in HCCSC
  • Full-time administrative staff in HCCSC

How to get a card

Everyone who wishes to get a library card with us must show photo ID and proof of current address. If your state driver’s license or identification card has your current address, it is all you need. If it doesn’t, a piece of delivered mail with your name and current address printed on the front will do.

To qualify for a school card, we also need to see proof of current enrollment or employment. This can be logging into PowerSchool, a recent report card, email from a teacher/professor, a pay stub, etc. That’s it!

What is a school card?

In almost every way, school cards are exactly the same as a standard library card. They have the same checkout limits and capabilities, except they cannot use reciprocal borrowing with the Wells County Public Library. The only other difference is that school cards must be renewed each school year, versus every 3 years.