Sensory Room

Sometimes the world is a little too stimulating. Our sensory room is a safe space designed for individuals with sensory disorders, autism, Alzheimer’s disease or dementia to take a break and explore sensory activities in a controlled environment. The room has soft seating, weighted and tactile objects, and soft lighting. It is free for public use (no library card required).

During regular library hours the sensory room can be booked at the Reference Desk. The room must be booked before use. There can be two people in the room at a time for 30-minute sessions. Individuals 18 and up must present their ID or library card to reserve the room.

Anyone under 13 must have an accompanying adult (parent or authorized caregiver) to book and use the room. Ages 13-15 can be alone in the room but an adult must book it for them. Ages 16-17 can book and use the room with their library card without an adult present.

You can find a booking form at the Reference Desk or print one here. You can read the sensory room policy here.

For more information, call the library at 260-356-0824 or send an email to

This room was funded in part by a grant from the Community Foundation of Huntington County and the AWS Foundation of Fort Wayne, and is a converted study room fitted with seating, sensory items, interactive activities and more.

For information on the Community Foundation, visit their website here.

For information on the AWS Foundation, visit their website here.