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Coronavirus (COVID-19) & your library

The Huntington & Markle libraries are CLOSED through Sunday, April 19. Click here to read more and here for a list of resources during this pandemic.

Located in the heart of downtown Huntington, the Huntington City-Township Public Library serves the city of Huntington, Huntington Township and the town of Markle in Indiana with over 160,000 books, movies, music CDs, audiobooks, video games, events, workshops and more. For a full view of the services we provide the community, click Site Menu at the top of the page and explore our website.

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Your library and COVID-19

Read on for our current plans for handling the novel Coronavirus at your library. This post will be updated as the situation progresses.

See where your tax dollars are spent with Indiana Gateway

Almost all of the money that pays for your library comes from your county taxes. To see those taxes at work, you can use the Indiana Gateway website.

It shows you how much tax support the library receives, your local tax rate, library expenditures, and how all that has changed over time. It also provides financial information for other local government agencies, as well as educational performance data for schools.

To see this information, click Local Tax & Finance Dashboard, below. For advanced information searching, such as finding your taxing districts, click Report Search.