Rent a Librarian

Learning can be hard, especially when in a group. Often, learning one-on-one can help you pinpoint what you need assistance with and help you learn it faster. This is where our Rent a Librarian service comes into play!

Sign up to get help learning computer basics (typing, using the mouse, etc.), Internet basics (searching, browsers, safety, etc.), how to set up and use email, e-reader or Overdrive help, social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.), Microsoft Office (Windows, Excel, etc), Mac (iOS, iPad, etc.) and more. When you sign up, include what you want to learn and you’ll get an hour with a Reference Librarian to get the one-on-one assistance that’s proven successful. We can provide most equipment necessary for the lesson, but some items that the library doesn’t own will require you to bring it in. Our staff will let you know ahead of time if this is the case.

To sign up for an hour session, please fill out the form below and our Reference Librarians will get back with you promptly.


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    Monday 12 noonMonday 1pmMonday 2pmTuesday 12 noonTuesday 1pmTuesday 2pmWednesday 12 noonWednesday 1pmWednesday 2pmOther (include in notes box below)

    What would you like to learn?
    Computer basics (typing, using the mouse, etc.)Internet basics (searching, browsers, safety, etc.)Setting up and using emailE-reader or OverdriveSocial Media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.)Microsoft (Windows, Word, Excel, etc.)Other (include in notes box below)