Now available to borrow: canvas tote bags

We are very excited to announce the newest addition to our collection — canvas tote bags!

We spent a lot of time picking the right bag. These are durable canvas, with long straps that both support the structure of the bag as well as have arm gaps big enough to still sling it over your shoulder, even when full to the brim. They snap closed, too.

These are built for heavy use, so don’t be afraid to use them. Eliminate some of your single-use plastic bags and carry your books, shop at the farmer’s market, or use them to carry whatever you like – they can handle it!

Bag with 30 children's picture books inside.
And of course, we tested to see how many children’s books we could fit. We’ve got 30 in here, but if you get creative, you could probably squeeze in a few more!

You can borrow these, for free, with your library card. They’re on racks by the self-check machines at the circulation and children’s desks in Huntington, as well as by the main desk at Markle.

You can borrow them for 3 weeks, renew them twice, and they’re fine-free. Just grab one (or two) when you go to check out, and place the luggage tag down on the self-check pad like you do a book.

Take one home today!

We do just ask that you not try and wash them yourselves. If they get muddy or need to be washed, just bring it back and hand it to a staff-member. We will take care of cleaning the bag.

These bags were made possible by our local chapter of Psi Iota Xi. Their donation made our dream to circulate reusable tote bags a reality, and we are incredibly grateful.

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