Oral History Project

Everybody experiences history differently. Oral interviews, whether video or audio, help preserve the memories of individuals in their own words. 

Recording the different memories and perspectives of different individuals keeps us from telling history “only the one correct way,” and helps us to remember that there are many sides to any story.

We have organized this page by “project.” Each project represents a different theme and had questions tailored to that theme.

Library Work

This project captures the thoughts and experiences of a variety of people who have worked at the Huntington or Markle libraries.

  • Cassidy, business manager & formerly circulation clerk
  • Hannah, circulation clerk
  • Linda, formerly Markle library branch manager, formerly reference assistant
  • Mary, circulation clerk
  • Sarah, genealogy librarian

Theme: Adventure

This project asks anyone who volunteers to share the adventures they’ve had in their lives, especially ones outdoors.


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