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    I understand that Library facilities may not be used for any meeting designed to financially benefit any individual or group, either at the time of the meeting or at a future date.

    I understand that the fact that my group is allowed to use the library facilities does not in any way constitute a sponsorship or an endorsement by the Library of the group’s policies, beliefs, or activities. I understand that any misrepresentation of this fact will result in the loss of facility use privileges for the offending group. I understand that any media announcement, paid advertisement, mailing, or meeting notice must carry the below disclaimer, and I will provide to the Library a copy of such announcement, advertisement, mailing, or meeting notice prior to my group’s use of the meeting room facilities. Use of the library’s logo or the international library symbol is prohibited.

    Disclaimer: Use of Huntington City-Township Public Library meeting facilities does not constitute sponsorship by the library or endorsement of the beliefs, viewpoints, policies, or affiliations of the user by the library board or staff.

    I understand that I must be in attendance at the meeting I am scheduling, and that I am responsible for setting up the room to fit the requirements of my group, and for leaving the room in the order in which it was found. I understand that the scheduled meeting must conclude by the end of normal library hours.