Welcome to the Huntington City-Township Public Library.

Public libraries have changed quite a bit over the years. If you asked the average person what they think of when they think of libraries, odds are they’ll say “books.” When books were the primary way people learned and explored new things, this was true. We were mostly books.

Today, however, we’re much more than that.You can learn in a variety of ways in today’s world. Reading books, of course – but also by watching films and television, listening to audiobooks, attending workshops, playing video games, accessing the internet, and more. And since our job – helping you learn, discover, gather, and grow – hasn’t changed, our collection and offerings have expanded to meet these needs.

So come in and borrow books. But also grab a movie or TV series, or attend a computer class or craft workshop, or use our public computers or free WiFi. Learn, discover, gather, and grow with us, your public library.

Please note: we are heavily updating and changing our website, so links may be broken. Please call or email either the Huntington or Markle libraries with any questions you may have if the website page containing the information does not currently work. We thank you for your patience as we make this website the best resource for you it can be!

Indiana Gateway – Local Tax & Finance Dashboard

Want to learn where your tax dollars go? The Indiana Gateway dashboard displays summary information about political subdivisions, including revenues, expenditures, and assessed values. For school corporations, educational performance data is also provided.

To find your taxing districts or to build a custom report on information the dashboard contains, click Report Search for more advanced options.

Local Tax & Finance Dashboard    Report Search