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    With which topic(s) would you like assistance?(The checkbox is to the left of the label.)
    EmailSocial mediaBasic computer skillsBasic Internet skillsiOS (iPhone, iPad)AndroidWindows 7Windows 8Mac OSX (MacBook, iMac)eBooks/eReadersOnline databasesResume buildingJob huntingOther (explain below)

    Please select below the skills with which you are already comfortable (If any. The checkbox is to the left of the label.)
    Can turn a computer on/offCan use a computer keyboardCan use a computer mouseCan <a href="">touch type</a>Can connect to the InternetCan successfully browse to specific sites on the InternetHave/use an email addressHave/use a smartphone (iPhone, Android, etc.)Have/use a tablet device (eReader, iPad, Nexus, Galaxy Tab, etc.)

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    Do you have a device you will bring, or will you need us to provide one?
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    I accept and acknowledge that the library staff assisting me are not certified professionals, and that their help may or may not solve my problem. I acknowledge that the library is not legally accountable for anything said or told to me while in attendance, and that I alone am responsible for my device during this time.