Today we’ve added a new online database for all of our patrons — Britannica Library!

Our subscription to Britannica Library gives you three sites in one: Children, Young Adults, and the Reference Center for older students and adults. You can choose the age-appropriate level that works best for for you and will find it easy to conduct research, complete homework assignments, and work on special projects. You can even store your research in your own personal My Britannica account. Remote access is included, so you can use this resource from the library, home, school, and anywhere else with an Internet connection.

Start with the encyclopedia. Move on to current magazines, recommended Web sites, an atlas, biographies, news, and more. Instantly define words with Merriam-Webster’s pop-up Dictionary and Thesaurus. For homework help and lesson reinforcement, explore thousands of topics in science, social studies, language arts, and mathematics for school projects, to review concepts taught in the classroom, or to learn something new.

Access the Britannica Library database here:

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Or through our Online Databases Page here. Enjoy!